i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe

love never seems to be in the cards for me, and I’m not quite sure why…the reasons for the hurt is out of my control. Once again, i gave my heart out on the line, only for it to not be caught and now it’s just wandering out there…on the plus side, i am going to get more education at De Anza which is a blessing; plus i have two part time jobs…so i am still a very blessed person…it’s just that this aspect of my life never works out :/
so i just registered for three classes at De Anza, so yayyy for more education LOL. I go into Lululemon at 10am until 12:30pm for stuff, then work at Asics from 1-5:30pm. I’ll come back home after that, take out Hunter, and go on a long run :) <3 Thank goodness i got those classes (and i need to pay for them this week, possibly visit the campus, and email Ryan at the Fire Dept to see if i could stop by tomorrow before i go to work).
If we magnified our successes as much as we magnify our disappointments, we’d all be in a different mindset
so i have a few life updates: i got hired part time both at Asics and at Lululemon…i feel so blessed about those, because it will pay off my credit card, gas, car insurance, and some spending money :) So yayyyyy about THAT aspect of life. Next, i am going to De Anza for an Associates degree in Environmental Studies for sure…high hopes for that as well. I’ve gotten some time to chill out with my friends and re-connect…i’ve also gotten stood up by a guy (whatever i am over it and he can try to explain himself, but i know that game…i am not the kind to sit around and be played). I’ve been getting some good tanning time this past week, so i’m hoping i can chill out by someone’s pool ASAP (or hot tub hahaha)